Elderly and Disabled

Camden Enterprises offers Walk in Bathtubs with easy door access to your bath. This makes your life safer for several reasons. The obvious reason is that you no longer have to step over that big side wall to get in or out of your bathtub. One of every three seniors or over 13 million people will suffer a serious fall this year, with bathrooms being the most common place for this to happen.

The second reason bathtubs with door access makes your life better is that it seals all of the water inside the tub so that you don’t step out onto a wet bathroom floor, thus minimizing your risk of slipping and having a nasty fall. Your new tub also has a slip-resistant floor, sturdy side walls for your hands to keep you safe when stepping in or out, a comfortable seat for bathing, and a strong grab bar for keeping you balanced while in the tub.

Camden Enterprises Walk in Bathtubs give you much more than just door access and better bath safety; Your new tub includes automatic temperature control that keeps your water at the same temperature...soak as long as you want! Then there’s the air and water jets that massage and reinvigorate you.Walk in tubs for seniors and the disabled are making it possible for people to continue living independently. One of the biggest fears older Americans face is the prospect of living in an assisted living facility. As an individual reaches their golden years or becomes less mobile, it gets harder and harder to bathe safely. Once it becomes difficult to step in and out of the bathtub or shower, many children face the difficult prospect of moving their elderly parents or disabled loved ones into a nursing home facility. Fortunately, there are safety measures a homeowner can take to prevent falls and accidents in the bathroom.

Many bathtubs are built with doors today. These tubs are built for the disabled and the limited mobility in mind. Camden Enterprises can install these products for you or literally build custom products for you. We are dedicated to helping people with mobility problems. This provides easy accessibility so that it is easy to enter and exit the walk in tub and showers. Many senior citizens and disabled people have issues with balance. Many accidents happen as a person steps over the side of the tub when entering or exiting. This is why safety tubs are designed with doors.

Another big issue with bathtubs for seniors and disabled people is sitting down and getting upand out of the tub. Many people require assistance when taking a bath as they reach their 80s and 90s. Sitting on the floor of the tub just doesn’t work anymore. Walk in tubs are designed with a built-in seat. This makes it easy for someone with mobility and balance issues to get up from the sitting position. Camden Enterprises Walk in Bathtubs also include grab bars and slip resistant flooring to prevent falls Camden Enterprises takes pride in being there for our senior and disabled community. We offer the ability for our customers to be able to stay in their homes. Camden Enterprises can also help to make your loved ones lives easier. How, you may ask. Simply, you will not have to rely on your loved ones when bathing. We can also save you money. You will not have to have that assistant come in a few times a week to help you bathe. Think about how much money you can save over the rest of your life. Camden Enterprises can also remodel your bathroom, kitchen, entry ways and much more...