Loudoun County, VA Walk in tub

Loudoun County, VA Walk-in Tub & Shower Installation

Most people who choose to remain in their homes as they age are remodeling their bathrooms to make them more accessible and accommodating to their needs. Camden Enterprises offers a team of professional designers and installers who assist customers in creating the ideal bathroom setup.

“The majority of clients we see are homeowners who want to replace old bath tubs with walk-in showers.”

said Steve Akers, Camden Enterprise’s CEO and Owner.

“Everything we do is customizable, so the walk-in shower can have a small seat, tiered shelving, a bench, a grab bar, or any other feature they desire.”

Although many customers prefer walk-in showers for their convenience and space, Akers said others are opting for walk-in tubs, which come with therapeutic jets to relieve muscle tension and other ailments.

“There are people who just love to take a long bath, so we have soaking tubs that are deeper than the standard size. They are ideal for people who enjoy long soaks,” Akers said.

Akers says Camden Enterprises operates throughout Loudoun County, VA. Once someone books an appointment, a Camden Enterprises representative will arrange an in-home design consultation within 24 hours. The company then performs an assessment and measurement of the space and consults with the homeowners about their needs. More than 100 options are available, all of which can be customized to individual needs.

“We make everything very simple for our customers,” Akers said. “They don’t even have to go to the showroom. We handle everything in the home for them.”

We work closely with our customers to create bathrooms that are not only functional, but also stylish and inviting. Popular wall colors include Carrara marble, and sandstone, which looks like travertine. Other colors include solid white, Latte, and linen. Patterns include subway tile, oversized subway tile, and herringbone.

Camden Enterprises stays in contact with customers on a weekly basis about the progress of their projects, Akers said. Once all materials are received, Camden Enterprises does all installation and construction work, usually in a single day.

“We don’t want anyone to be without a bathroom for months at a time, so we install the walls, valves, fixtures, and accessories. Additionally, we have our own installation crews that are trained both by us and the manufacturer, so they’re always professional and experienced, and know how to work with these products.”

According to Akers, Camden Enterprises products don’t use traditional tiles, making them easier to clean and resistant to bacteria. An anti-microbial technology is infused into the acrylic of Camden Enterprises tubs and showers, and all surfaces are non-porous.

People spend less time cleaning their showers and tubs, he said. “You can usually wipe it down every other week and it stays in great condition. There is no grout, so it’s not necessary to constantly clean and reseal it. I think it really makes people’s lives easier since they have one less thing to worry about.”

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Loudoun County, VA Walk in shower