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Talbut County, Maryland Walk-in TubNearly 80% of accidents in the bathroom are attributed to falls, making it necessary for older adults and people at a high risk of falling to take steps to improve bathroom safety and prevent falls at home.

Walk-in tubs are a bathroom product that provides enhanced safety, convenience, and accessibility.

If you are buying a walk-in bathtub, Ella walk-in tubs are one of the best brands to consider. Health experts explored the pros and cons of choosing an Ella walk-in tub and measured them all against the customer reviews, business policies, various models, and pricing choices available to help you determine if this is the right brand for you.

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Types of walk-in bathtubs

You have four categories of walk-in tubs to choose from that Ella and other leading brands carry. These different kinds of tubs suit various needs, from cost savings to luxuriant pain relief.

Deep soaking tubs

Deep soaking tubs are the most affordable and straightforward walk-in tub. These basic models are much like a standard tub but designed for those with limited mobility. This tub comes with a leak-proof door, seat, and safety bar-but no jets.

A deep soaking tub tends to be a good fit for budget-conscious shoppers and people who like minimal upkeep. Additionally, they work well for people who do not enjoy the pressure of jets.

Walk-in hydro-massage tubs

Also known as hydrotherapy tubs, Ella tubs provide massage with streams of water. Scientific studies have shown significant benefits of hydrotherapy in a variety of disease states. Targeted water jets may relieve tension and boost oxygenation, potentially easing pain caused by exercise or arthritis. Various scientific studies have shown a significant benefit of hydrotherapy. If you have been in a hot tub, you’re likely familiar with how massage jets feel.

Walk-in air massage baths

A walk-in air massage bathtub is a massage tub similar to a hot tub, but it expels jetted air instead of jetted water. Air jets are typically gentler than water jets, making them popular among people with sensitive skin.

Combo massage tubs

Combo massage bathtubs are the highest-end walk-in tubs. These tubs marry the benefits of air jets with those of water jets. Users have more control over strength and sensation, so couples with different needs can enjoy the same massage therapy tub.

Talbut County, Maryland Walk-in TubWalk-in tub features to consider

Walk-in tubs are highly versatile. While all Ella walk-in baths share standard features-including heated seats compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, safety bars, non-skid surfaces, leak-proof doors, and fast-draining technology-other options vary between models.

The various features influence your tub’s look and feel, along with its durability and warranty. Below is a breakdown of the features available on Ella walk-in baths.

The acrylic material used in Ella tubs is known for its durability and stain resistance.

Door design

Walk-in tubs help you safely and easily enter and exit your bath, and the right door impacts your capacity to do so.

Door swing design: Inward-opening doors fit better in smaller spaces, while outward-swinging doors are better accommodated for people in wheelchairs. Typically, inward-swinging doors are less expensive, while outward-swinging doors are considered the safest for people with limited mobility.

Opening widths: Some tubs have extra-wide openings for wheelchair access, while others have narrow openings.

Door entry access: You can pick between a right-hand and left-hand entry door based on your dominant side.

Bathtub size

The right tub size depends upon your bathroom size, existing plumbing, budget, and personal needs and preferences. Ella carries multiple dimensions that fit most bathrooms, including 24″ x 48″, 30″ x 52″, 32″ x 52″, and 30″ x 60″. Our technician can help you ascertain the right tub size for your bathroom.

Luxury features

Many shoppers opt for a high-end walk-in bath for a spa experience at their Talbut County, Maryland home. Here are some of the favorite luxury add-ons that Ella offers.

Self-cleaning ozone system: Available on most hydro and air massage models, this self-cleaning system keeps your tub clean with minimum work.

In-line water heater: In-line heaters keep the water at your chosen temperature.

Handheld shower: Some models have hand showering so that you can use the tub for showers and baths.

Installation cost

Walk-in bathtub installation is an additional charge. When you buy a walk-in bath directly from Camden Enterprises, a representative will install the tub.

If you buy from Camden Enterprises, you can schedule a free Talbut County, Maryland in-home evaluation to ascertain installation cost. During the evaluation, a Camden Enterprises technician comes to your home and inspects your bathroom, home layout, plumbing, and electrical. They will then tell you the exact cost of a walk-in bath installation and lead you toward the best baths for your home.

Standard installation costs vary extensively. Some Talbut County, Maryland homeowners may decide to remodel their bathroom to provide their dream tub, while others are fortunate to buy whatever walk-in tub comfortably fits into their current bathtub’s spot.

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