Walk-in Bathtubs with MicroBubble Therapy

microbubble therapy


Infusion MicroBubble Therapy is a calming activity that offers many added benefits to your bathing activity and it’s coming to you from Camden Enterprises & Ella’s Bubbles. Infusion MicroBubble Therapy is a process of infusing the pressurized water with millions of micro sized, oxygen rich bubbles. Sit back and relax as your bath will change into a soothing mist of tiny bubbles that help to moisturize, relax, restore and exfoliate your skin.

MicroBubble Therapy uses a U.S. patented liquid thin film device to immerse the water with up to 50% more dissolved oxygen than regular water alone. These MicroBubbles flush out all of the dirt and waste products in your skin. There are no cleansing chemicals involved so it is a safe and comforting experience. This process will moisturize your skin, making it feel silky and soft right out of the bath. The stimulation of the epidermal layer of your skin can also promote restfulness and the release of muscle tightness.


“The results of MicroBubble Therapy will linger with you even when the experience is completed.”


Unlike regular baths that cool down the longer you’re in them, the MicroBubble Therapy increases the temperature of the bath every hour by approximately 1° F. The warming effects help to keep your body relaxed and the effects stay with you even after you leave the bathtub. You will no longer have to keep adding warm water to keep the temperature just right.

Infusion MicroBubble Therapy offers all of these added benefits just at the touch of a button located near the detachable shower head. The feature is available in our Ella Walk-in bathtubs.