Ella Dual Drain Walk-in Tub Fast Drain Technology

Camden Enterprises offers Ella’s Bubble’s Dual Drain Technology luxury acrylic walk-in bathtubs.

The security and comfort of our customers is always at the very top of our priorities. In Their continued mission to deliver the very best walk-in tubs, Ella’s Bubbles has engineered their Dual Drain Technology as the best choice for fast and reliable draining of walk-in tubs, where time matters the most. It’s about gravity-driven quick draining which allows their dual drain to empty the standard size walk-in tub in about 80 seconds.

A typical single bath drains gradually as the bather steps out, a process that can take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes. However, a walk-in bathtub is different and unique because the door has to remain closed until all the water is emptied. There is also an additional problem to consider, the conventional drain does not offer any protection or backup if it should fail. The solution: A dual drain design that speeds up the process by 86%, and ultimately drains in just over a minute.

Here are four (4) most popular drainage systems in the walk-in bathtub market: Ella Dual Drain Technology; Conventional 1 ½” or 2” Single Drain; Conventional 1 ½” Single Speed Drain (Vent Pipe Added in Overflow Pipe) and Conventional 1 ½” Single Drain with Hydro Pump Assist.

The Conventional Single Drain is designed for standard bathtubs where drainage time is not essential since the bather exits the tub right after the bathing is done. The time needed for water to drain and the door to be opened is not anticipated in this case. This is the cheapest and easiest production option for the manufacturer. The wait time for the drainage maybe from 10 to 15 or in some case longer which is not favoring the end user.

The Conventional Single Speed Drain is a simple but effective drainage option for the walk-in bathtub, however the single drain does not offer extra protection in cases when the drain opener fails. There are some emergency 1 ½” drains offered by some distributors which is a good addition to the tub.

The Hydro Pump Assisted conventional drain system is an effective drainage system, however, like the single conventional drain it does not give the customer extra protection in case of electrical shortage or failure of single drain opener.

Ella Dual Drain Technology is designed to drain the bathtub fast and safe by offering a second, two-inch drain. This is by far the best drain option in the market. It empties the bathtub in approximately 80 seconds without using any electrical pumps. Ella’s Dual Drain Technology has two independent overflows, two 2 inch floor drains operated independently with stainless steel cables to assure reliable and fast exit when its needed. For additional safety, both drain handles are equipped with ADA compatible extension levers for people with arthritis or weak hands.