Benefits of a Walk-In Shower

Updating the bathing area is one of the main reasons why homeowners remodel their bathrooms. Walk-in showers are popular options for a few reasons:

  • They offer contemporary visual appeal.
  • They are safer to use than tubs or showers with step-over thresholds.
  • They are typically easier to clean than conventional shower systems.

Latest Visual Appeal

A walk-in shower features a contemporary design with a low threshold. This clear vision of a bathing space is perfect for homeowners who want to bring their old bathroom into the current style. Additionally, because a walk-in shower does not have a bathtub, it’s a better option for homeowners who prefer to clean up in the shower rather than soak in a bath.

A Safer Option

Stepping over a high tub wall can be risky, especially when you’re wet, as it creates a slip-and-fall possibility. A low threshold reduces this risk, making a walk-in shower much more natural to enter and exit. This benefit is particularly appealing to homeowners who are aging in place, disabled, or otherwise limited by mobility.

Easy Maintenance

Most walk-in shower systems include solid surrounds—a modern update of tile-and-grout walls, which are notoriously hard to clean. Contemporary shower surrounds feature antimicrobial protection to prevent mold and mildew growth, significantly lessening cleaning the bathing space.

Learn More About Walk-In Showers

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